Angelico, Fra (Fra Giovanni da Fiesole) 작품 웹 전시
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Glorification of Saint Dominic Christ Glorified in the Court of Heaven The Annunciation, late 1430s The Naming of St. John the Baptist, early 1430s Annunciation, 1432-43 Adoration of the Magi, 1433-35
The Annunciation, detail, 1435-45 Saints Cosmas & Damian with their Brothers before Lycias Decapitation of Saints Cosmas & Damian Burial of Saints Cosmas & Damian Lamentation over the Dead Christ, 1436 The Mocking of Christ (with Benozzo Gozzoli), 1440-41

Fra Angelico(1400-1445)
Fra Angelico was an Italian painter of the early Renaissance who combined the life of a devout friar with that of an accomplished painter.