Bellini, Giovanni 작품 웹 전시
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Agony in the Garden, detail, approx. 1459 The Presentation at the Temple, approx. 1459 Christ's Blessing, 1460 Greek Madonna, 1460 Pieta Pesaro Altarpiece
Pieta, (original cymatium of the Pesaro Altarpiece), 1470s The Virgin and Child with Two Saints, 1490 Portrait of a Young Man San Zaccaria Altarpiece Naked Young Woman in Front of the Mirror Feast of the Gods, 1514

Giovanni Bellini(1426-1516)
Giovanni Bellini was a Venetian painter who was the presiding genius of early Renaissance painting in Venice, and an artist of world rank. He was the son of Jacopo and (probably younger) brother of Gentile Bellini.