Boucher, Francois 작품 웹 전시
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The Rest on the Flight into Egypt, 1737 Seated Nude, drawing, 1738 The Triumph of Venus, detail, 1740 Leda and the Swan, 1741 La Toilette, 1742 Diana Leaving her Bath, 1742
Diana's Return from the Hunt, 1745 Autumn, detail, 1745 Venus Consoling Love, 1751 Nude on a Sofa (Reclining Girl), 1752 Lady with an Umbrella The Marquise de Pompadour, 1756

François Boucher(1703-1770)
François Boucher was a French painter noted for his pastoral and mythological scenes. His work embodies the frivolity and sensuousness of the rococo style. Boucher, the son of a designer of lace, was born in Paris. He studied with the painter François Le Moyne but was most influenced by the delicate style of his contemporary Antoine Watteau. In 1723 Boucher won the Prix de Rome; he studied in Rome from 1727 to 1731. After his return to France, he created hundreds of paintings, decorative boudoir panels, tapestry designs, theater designs, and book illustrations. He became a faculty member of the Royal Academy in 1734. He designed for the Beauvais tapestry works and in 1755 became director of the Gobelins tapestries. In 1765 he was made first painter to the king, director of the Royal Academy, and designer for the Royal Porcelain Works. His success was encouraged by his patron, Marquise de Pompadour, mistress to Louis XV. He painted her portrait several times.