Bouguereau, William-Adolphe 작품 웹 전시
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Fraternal Love, 1851 The Dance, 1856 Spring, 1858 All Saints' Day (Le jour des morts), 1859 Rest at Harvest, 1865 The Thanks Offering, 1867
Art & Literature, 1867 Cupidon, 1875 The Secret, 1876 Return from the Harvest, 1878 A Soul Brought to Heaven, 1878 Charity, 1878

William-Adolphe Bouguereau(1825-1905)
Adolphe William Bouguereau, b. Nov. 30, 1825, d. Aug. 19, 1905, had a long, successful career as an academic painter, exhibiting in the annual Paris Salons for more than 50 years. His paintings of religious, mythological, and genre subjects were carefully composed and painstakingly finished.